Where does the time go??

The girls will be turning 4 years old in just a matter of days and I honestly don't know where the time has gone. Part of me is really sad, but at the same time so happy for all they have accomplished in their short little lives. They are little girls now and with very big expressions and big vocabularies. They are so happy and such sweet little girls - most of the time. :)

They like structure and they like to "help" although, as we all know sometimes it would be easier to do ourselves. BUT, I let them help as it gives them a sense of accomplishment, and builds self esteem. Plus, we all have responsibilities and chores to do daily in our house!

I was hesitant to sign them up for the million activities that were available to them, however, I finally conceded. Instead of signing them up for one of those quasi gymnastics classes I signed them up for an Olympic training school for gymnasts! Might as well prepare them for their future. ha ha. Their coaches are past Russian Olympic Gold Medalists and are awesome. No more than six kids per class, luckily there have been no more than four in the girls class! The chicks are gaining so much confidence with each passing week. They can scale, straddle jump, pike somersault, lunge, and are working on somersaults on the beam. AND we will be starting pre-school in the fall. I can honestly say we're ready!

A typical day in our house:

  • Chicks get up. 7:30-8:30am - they have always been great sleepers!
  • Go to the potty AND wash the hands

  • Come kiss mommy and daddy! Nothing sweeter than waking-up with those piercing black eyes starring at me!!!

  • Make their bed - have been doing this since they moved into their twin beds at 3 years old!

  • Get dressed - put jammies away
  • Brush their teeth- as they chant "we don't want holes in our teeth"!

  • Girls set and clear the table after dinner - daddy cleans up. :)
  • We spend one day a week at Costco circling the food carts - we call it "lunch"!
  • No week is complete w/out a trip to Target or Kohl's!
  • Gymnastic class Tuesday
  • Library - Thursday

  • Mommy is walking 5 days a week minimum of 2 miles and so are the chicks
  • Girls load and unload the dishwasher. Unfortunately, for them - they can only put away the silverware and Tupperware. Everything else to high. So they stack everything on the counter and we put away
  • They LOVE to help with the wash. I do have to keep an eye that the "reds" aren't going in with the "whites"!
  • They insist on helping fold clothes. If you see me and I'm a wrinkled mess, you know why!
  • Washing the car is their favorite thing although, I have to keep an eye - they usually water the flowers to their death....:)

  • They put ALL their toys away before bed. - They know if they don't MOMMY will handle the situation. No amnesty....
  • Bedtime, dirty clothes in the hamper, teeth brushed, and jammies on
  • Good behavior for the day calls for a reward of mommy reading a book before lights out and mega kisses from mommy and daddy!

Awesome little girls! Lucky me. Lucky us!!

For those inquiring about Mr. Man - still no news, he's headed BACK to NYC this weekend...going to swallow a camera so they can take pictures of his insides.....should be interesting. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your concern. :)