Photography 101 with Caitlin Domanico

"OMG I love your pictures, what kind of camera do you use?"
Part Two

No matter if you use film or digital, point and shoot or an SLR, here is another easy tip that will make your photography pop.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, repeat, repeat, repeat. Let your finger "dance" on the shutter release button. Photography should be fun, relaxing and exciting.
Too much thought and too much technicality can put a damper on your hobby if you don't enjoy the ride. In the year 2009 many of us are shooting only in digital
format which allows us to upload the pictures on our computers and delete all the "bad" ones. You don't have to settle for "okay" shots.

To Mike, Lilly, and my defense....this was at the end of a two hour session in the sun! :)

::cue the music and applause::


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Until then, happy shooting!