• I chopped 10 inches off my hair. I'll get a picture soon.
  • I got eyelash extensions. I know, sounds high-maintenance, BUT I got them so I wouldn't have to put make-up on all summer. The kiddos and I swim at least once day (usually 2-3) and I'm sick of looking like a wet dog when Shad comes home at night. So I chopped my hair, which air dries great and got the extensions. The first picture I have foils in my hair from highlighting it, but it's right before I got the extensions applied. The second picture is after I got extensions and a couple of hours after the kids and I went swimming. My face was soaking wet for a couple of hours and I have NO MAKE-UP on. I am loving it. We'll see how well they hold up.
  • Tanner loves swimming. I don't know where his energy comes from. He can throw stuff in the deep end and swim down (5 ft) to get it. He continually jumps in the pool, swims to the side climbs out and does it all over again. Kate finally started wearing floaties yesterday and has inched away from her Dora playing area on the pool steps.
  • I posted a pic of Kate wearing one of the skirts. I'd put more, but she's sort of in a phase where I hold her all the time. It's hard to take a picture while holding her. So my best bet was while she was eating.
  • Tanner drew that entire picture on his chalkboard. He's really obsessed with the movie Swiss Family Robinson.