The Who, why, what's...

It is so hard for me to believe we have been a family for three years. I don't know where the time has gone. I just want to freeze it for a moment so that I can savor every moment. The chicks are growing in leaps and bounds. I am constantly amazed with the things they say. They make me so laugh, but they make me so proud to be their mommy. They are going through the "who" stage now and as you can imagine, it's a riot! This is our conversation the other day in the car...

Abbey: "Mommy, who made the dishwasher"?
Me: "The dishwasher maker".

Abbey: Giggling.... "Mommy, did you make our house"?

Me: "Yes, your daddy and I helped design our home".
Abbey: "Mommy, who made the car"?!
Me: "The auto makers".

Abbey: "Mommy, who made the clouds"?

Me: "What"? I've known this one was eventually going to come up....

Abbey: "I said (pushing little thing...) who made the clouds"?

Me: "Um, well, G-d made the clouds - even though you can't see him"......oh dear this is tough.

Abbey: "What you saying mommy"?!?!

Me: Laughing! "Yeah, I know Abbey - it's a BIG story"! Thinking to myself...I think it's time to put the girls in synagouge. It's.Time!

We met with Rabbi Michael on Friday to discuss pre-school in the fall. It's a start......