Tanner is so sweet

This morning, I was getting dressed for church and trying to squeeze into my clothes that my stomach is bulging out of (not from a baby, but from consuming sugar 3 meals a day). Don't get me wrong, I love my body, I don't think I'm overweight, however, I'm just annoyed that I'm growing out of all the clothes I've purchased in the last 6 months. So anyhow, I'm am literally squeezing into my skirt, feeling a bit insecure, wondering if it's just too tight on my behind to wear to church and Tanner walks in and says, "Wow Mom. You look beautiful." I said thank you and he continued, "Your shirt is beautiful, your pants are beautiful (he meant skirt), your hair is beautiful, your necklace is beautiful, your shoes are beautiful...all of it is beautiful." He said all of this so sincerely. It made me feel so good, so I just thought to heck with my tight skirt, Tanner thinks I'm beautiful. He has been so grown up lately, and so kind to all of us. He's still 4 and does obnoxious 4-year old things sometimes, but he does so many sweet things that make me forget the rest. I love this little boy.