sewing projects

Last Christmas I just "had to have" a serger so I could sew all of these cute dresses and skirts for Kate. Well, I haven't touched the thing until last night, when I made these for Kate. They obviously aren't anything fancy, but I figured I should start with something easy. I love the skirts. I'm not too sure about the dress. It's a Pillow Case Dress, which is supposedly really easy to make and cute...ummm...not really. I suppose it was easy, but it took FOREVER (compared to the skirts), and I'm not in love with it. The blue fabric, you'll be seeing a lot of. I bought a sheet set that was really cheap on clearance, so it will probably be popping up in several of my future projects. The orange flowery ribbon is made from a swatch I ordered when picking out fabric for curtians last summer. Shad had to drag me off of my sewing machine last night to go to bed. I was loving it.