Who's on first?

My daughter is addicted to fruit snacks. I know they aren't the healthiest snack, but probably not the worst that exists (I think the word "fruit" in the name is used pretty loosely). Every day after I pick her up from Kindercare, we carry out a prolonged fruit snack negotiation. We had this exchange last week:

Her: "I want a fruit snack."
Me: "Try again."
Her: "Please can I may have a fruit snack?"

I open the cabinet and gesture to the two boxes sitting on the shelf inside. One is Spongebob Squarepants and the other is My Little Pony. "Which one do you want?" I ask her.

Her: "I want that one."
Me: "My Little Pony?"

She sighs, not having perfected the eye roll yet. "Okay, Mama, can I have YOUR Little Pony fruit snacks?"

Me: "No, it's not MY Little Pony. It's just My Little Pony."
Her: "Mama, can I have YOUR Little Pony fruit snack?" She is getting irritated now.
Me: "It's not . . . oh, never mind. Here you go."

We repeated the exact same conversation three days in a row before she figured out that I was not naming snack foods after myself. She still hands me her garbage when she's done, though. I think you know you're a mom when you constantly have a little kid pressing empty wrappers, used Kleenex, and sticky lollipop sticks into your palm. Glam-o-rous.