We love you daddy!

Mr. Man left today for NYC. He's had some health issues since last summer. The specialists in DC have run one test after another and still have not uncovered the problem. There solution - yank his gal bladder, although there is nothing wrong with it. Thank G-d Mr. Man has some connections in the medical field. He called one of his buddies he grew up with, who just happens to be a surgeon in NYC. Long story short, Dr. Mike hooked Mr. Man up with the top Gastronologist in the city - tomorrow! I'm glad he is being well cared for, but I'm a little worried. There was the mention of the "C" word.

We're gonna miss you daddy, but we're hopeful that they're gonna find out what's making your belly hurt. We love you daddy.

Update: Good news! Although we still do not know what the cause of Mr. Man's illness is, we do, however, know that it is NOT Cancer! That was the best news. He leaves on Sunday for additional tests in NYC.....we're confidant that they will find out what's causing him so much pain. We also are lucky that he has such a great friend who took an interest in his well-being - thank you Dr. Mike for not only taking care of him, but opening up your gorgeous home and making him feel right at home. Just like old times....