The easter bunny comes to town!

You can't fool my little chickies. This was their first time meeting the Easter bunny and boy were they excited, but I didn't expect to hear the following. Too damn funny.

Katie: "Mommy, that is NOT the Easter bunny".

Me: "Ummm, sure it is baby".

Katie: "No, no mommy, bunnies don't have hands"!

Me: stifling a giggle "What"?
Katie: Bunnies don't have hands, and mommy, they don't talk! There's a man in there"!!

Me: "Ha ha ha - oh Katie, you're too smart for your own good"!

Bunny: Running off all scared.......

Needless to say the other children who were listening looked at her like she were the crazy one. She ain't crazy! She's my girl!!!