Stagecoach Festival

For the last 3 years, Shad and I have tried to go to Stagecoach, this amazing 2-day concert with several big names in the country music industry. Musicians like Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Charlie Daniels Band, Willie Nelson, Reba McEntire, Gretchen Wilson, etc. This years big ones were Brad, Kenny, C.D. band and Reba along with 30+ lesser known country artists. This big ol' festival is right here where I live.

Well, the last 4 years, including this one, we've had conflicts. One year, I was in charge of the food at a Stake Enrichment event, one year Shad was over a Stake YM event, one year I was nursing Kate and this year there was a Stake service project that our ward was totally pushing for just 1 member of the family to attend and I was supposed to take pictures for a family in the evening. As well, as the obvious, don't break the Sabbath, we would've skipped the Sunday part of the festival. So this year, we decided to rebel and skip the church activity, cancel the pictures and go to Stagecoach. Shad got a great deal for Saturday only tickets on Craigslist, I got an all-day/night babysitter and we were set. Until little Kate got diarrhea and threw-up over and over. We had to cancel the sitter and sell our tickets on Craigslist the morning of the show.

Instead we got to hang out as a family, cleaning up throw up here and there. I mean it really worked out for the best, right? Instead of watching Brad Paisley last night under the stars with Shad, I got to clean throw-up out of my hair, off of my clothes and brush my teeth thoroughly after throw-up somehow ended up in my mouth. Just a tip, when your small child starts to leak saliva out of their mouth, don't get down on their level face-to-face and say, "Oh, what's wrong?" because when I did that, she looked straight at me and puked in my mouth as I said "wrooooong". Yeah. I definitely think it worked out well.

Maybe next year.

The sickie: