I don't know where my sweet, heartwarming, joy-inducing little girl went. She was perfect. Now she's not. What happened?? I think, if I remember right, she turned 2 back in January and it's like she forgot she was supposed to be terrible. She tricked me. Now, 3 months later, her favorite things to say are "NO WAY" and "no, I do it" (I can't really give enough emphasis on how loud she says "I") while giving me the most intense glare with her little lips pouted outward. If anything touches her she screams, "ouch", like you are really hurting her. She does this if a little bit of water spills on her, she gets her diaper changed, you give her a kiss or hold her hand (when she doesn't want to) or if anything bumps her while she's playing. However, as much as she's put out with me, she still wants me to hold her all day long.

And then there's bedtime. She wants her animals, she needs a drink of water, she wants to be rocked like a baby, then sung to, then "just ones more song", then her binkie is lost, then her covers are off and she needs to be tucked in again, she needs medicine and she's hungry. Every. Single. Night.

BUT, she's still Kate. Each day I stare at her in awe of how beautiful she is and at her tiny, but chubby little body running around the house. She still tells me she loves me and gives me hugs and kisses everyday. She still smiles at me with her head tilted sideways with her huge dark eyes locked with mine. She's still Kate. And I still want her to stay little, even if she is two.