Kate's Hair

Kate hasn't been letting me wash, brush or fix her hair now for a couple of months. Obviously for certain occasions (church) I do it anyway, resulting in HUGE temper tantrums, tears and her saying, "You. Hurting. Me. Mama." So most of the time, she has her hair down...long, in her face, usually with some syrup and cookie dough mixed in there. If I EVER try to put a bow in her hair, she just takes it right out, and glares at me.

Well, while I was gone last Saturday, Shad discovered that she loves to have BIG things in her hair. As long as it's a gigantic bow or flower, she's okay with it. Go figure.

Immediately when I found the news out, I went down to JoAnns and bought some dried flowers (big ones of course) and glued them to clips.

Now Kate comes to me and asks me to put them in her hair. I'm loving it.