Horseback Riding

Since day one of our marriage I have begged Shad to take me horseback riding. Every time I brought it up, he would tell me how horrible it is, how the horses smell, the work that's involved and how it's not like the movies. "It's not as much fun as it looks Liz."

After 6 years of begging, Shad finally gave in and got me horseback riding for Christmas. Really thoughtful, right? I was 9 months pregnant with Kate. I think he planned it that way, hoping I'd forget about it and it'd be a free Christmas present. = )

This weekend I cashed in on his promise and we went horseback riding together. It was an absolute blast. I think Shad and I were smiling the entire time. Neither of us are real animal lovers, but being on those horses while they galloped was incredible. It was just us and a guide up some canyons for 2 hours. I was expecting it to be sort of ugly, considering it's desert and all, but surprisingly there were beautiful flowers everywhere. And quiet. Really quiet. All you could hear were the horses and the wind. The quiet was beautiful. We left the ranch feeling so relaxed and in love. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. There was something about leaving the busy hustle and bustle to go in the middle of nature with animals, dirt, flowers, canyons and creeks. We loved it.