Ama's Visit

Last weekend, Marion decided to pop in for a visit. It was filled with amazing Thai food (that she made for us), craft projects for the kids, good talks and a full day of Legoland. The kids were in love with her, as always and it was so much fun to have her stay with us. Thanks for leaving beautiful Hawaii to visit us.

Legoland was a hoot. Tanner loved the roller coaster. He begged the whole day to go on it, so around 5 o' clock we finally gave in and he was so funny. I'd never seen him smile so big. Before the ride even ended he said, "I wanna go on it again." It was a pretty hefty roller coaster too. Super high, fast and curvy, but he loved every second of it. I'm a little worried that the little kid rides at D-land might not be exciting enough for him now.