Tanner and Kate:
  • Very into "Sleeping Booty". Yeah. I wrote it correctly. That's how they pronounce Sleeping Beauty. Sleepy Booty's castle, Sleeping Booty Movie, Sleeping Booty @Disneyland
  • Tanner tells Kate on a regular basis, how "booty-ful" she is. = )
  • The other day, Kate and Tanner were playing in the car...Kate driving and Tanner in the back. I asked where they were going and Kate responded, "To Temple. Get married." I asked Tanner about it and he said they were marrying each other.
  • Tanner sings "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins all the time, but he says, "Super California...Mom what's next?"
  • Kate speaks in plurals. For example if I talk to another toddler or hold a baby, she'll run up next to me and say, "Mines Mommy" or while she's counting she'll say, "One, two, three, four, five, six, (and here come the plurals) sevens, eights, nines, tens, elevens, twelves" etc.
  • Kate says, "I love you Mama" all the time. It melts my heart.
  • Kate and Tanner are constantly pretending with their stuffed animals. The regulars are Buzz, Woody, Dumbo, Mater, Minnie, and a few dollies. Their stuffed friends get sick, tired, hungry and cry all day long and Tanner and Kate take care of them.
  • Kate lives on almonds, dates and strawberries. It's unbelievable the amounts of these she can eat.
  • This morning I asked Tanner if he was going to finish his waffle and he responded, "No, it's too windy outside."
  • Kate says "crap" now. She doesn't say it with any anger in her voice though. It's a very sweet, soft "crap" when she drops her dollie.
  • Yesterday Kate was wearing my shoes and I told her I liked them. She responded, "I got them at the library. Do you like them?"
  • Working away. Marketing like crazy.
  • As soon as he walks in the door, it's non-stop playing with the kids until they go to bed. He is AMAZING with the kids. He is Tanner's best bud, and he calls Kate his little girlfriend.
  • Tells me each night in bed, "we should stop eating treats." I respond, "go ahead Shad, you can do whatever you would like". He'll say, "but you need to do it too, if you make treats, I'll eat them." I have to gently remind him that I gained and lost 50 pounds with each child I've had and I don't remember him working out and dieting along side of me. I actually remember a couple of instances where he just had to have some Cold Stone and he pulled over and bought some, eating it right beside me while I had none. He also says, " I think we should do Nutrisystem". I repeated, "go ahead, that would be great hon". He said, "I think we should do it ogether. It'd be easier for me if you did it too." Result: yesterday he bought a Nutrisystem kit for himself. I did not.
  • He's so happy and such a wonderful Father and husband.
  • Pretty sure I have an ear infection in my left ear and a gigantic zit in my right ear. Confession: I rarely, if ever get blemishes on my face. I could count on one hand the amount I've had in my whole life. HOWEVER, they love to show up in my ears. Deep in there, where they are incredibly painful. Odd, isn't it?
  • Taking a photography class soon. I'm excited for it.
  • Starting to take pictures of more families, people, and individuals in my ward. I'm loving the experience and how much I'm learning from it.
  • Loving my life right now. This is such a good stage. The kids sleep at night, they eat regularly, Tanner is potty-trained, they play really well together, they talk and I can understand them. I'm loving the stage they're at right now.