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Tasty Tuesdays: Going Green

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This week's Tasty Tuesdays is going to be chocked full of ideas on how to have a GREEN (as in, the color) St. Patrick's Day menu. You'll be all set you "wow" your kids with your green food choices! Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up in a week, I thought I'd share some fun green food ideas so that you can plan out festive day for your own kids. Since Corned Beef and Cabbage probably wouldn't fly when it comes to my kids, here's what I'm serving up on St. Patrick's Day...get out your green food coloring!

Breakfast (several choices):
Lucky Charms
Green Scrambled Eggs*
Key Lime Yogurt
Green Oatmeal*
Bagels with Green Cream Cheese*
Green Milk*

Chicken Nuggets (not green...if I figure out a way, I'll let you know!)
Green Mashed Potatoes*
Fruit Salad: green grapes, granny smith apples, kiwi, honeydew melon
Lime Jello

Green Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken (green Alfredo sauce)*
Garlic Bread (green butter)*
Shamrock Cupcakes

And if everyone is being super good that day...I might even break out the blender to make some yummy "copy cat" Shamrock Shakes!

*All these foods have been dyed by using a few (less is more) drops of green food coloring.

What's on your menu for this upcoming St. Patrick's Day? Are you going to incorporate some green food into your menu or are you just keeping it traditional? Share your ideas with us!

Post a comment with links to your St. Patrick's Day menu ideas!!