Spring Portrait Session - Great Deal!

Spring is Coming - celebrate with C. Raysor Photography!

We are booking Spring photo shoot and like the month of March I'm going in like a lion, with a special to roar about!

When you book yoursession with C. Raysor Photography, you will receive $50 print credit for every $100 you spend (session fee must be paid in advance, and minimum print purchase of $100 is required to get in on this special).

So, if you spend $100 -- you will get an additional $50 in print credit for free!If you spend $200 - you will an additional $100 in print credit for free!If you spend $300 you've gotten in on the VIP pricing (25%-40% off regular print prices!), and you will still get $150 in print credit on top of that - perfect for wall portraits and canvases!

Call Chrissie at 484-888-2643 to schedule your session today!

Offer expires on 3/31, so you must call to schedule before then, though scheduled session may take place after that date

For more information please visit http://www.craysor.com/