Rebecca is here!!!

So one of my beautiful sisters is here for a visit. She has 3 little girls and a husband that she left in cold and windy Firth, Idaho, to visit ME in sunny California for SEVEN DAYS. It has been wonderful to spend time with her. So far we've eaten so much yummy food (almost to the point of sickness)...homemade shortbread cookies topped with milk chocolate for breakfast this morning. Caramel popcorn and a movie last night. Chocolate marshomallow cookies and Avonlea the day before. Do you notice a theme going on ?? Butter and lots of sugar in baked goods, consumed while watching movies. = )

We left the kids at home on Friday and went to Disneyland ALL BY OURSELVES and stayed until 1am. I think Rebecca wanted to stay until the very last store on Main Street closed it's doors. It was fun. I wish I had pictures, but I chose not to bring my camera...such a pain to bring along.

We've been to the park a couple of times, so she can soak up the Vitamin D she is deficeint in from living in Idaho all winter.

Tomorrow is shopping.

Wednesday, she goes home.

Thank you Rebecca for coming to visit. We love you!

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