Mom's Night In!

I very rarely get to have a night out just for me. Recently, the opportunity came up for me to attend at party hosted by my friend Classy Mommy to introduce Philly Moms to Role Mommy and products from Slendertone. Beth, from Role Mommy was arranging for manicures and make overs from Calista Grand, massages, and yummy food from Prince Catering. My dream Mom's Night Out!

7:30 - My 18 months old son wakes up. "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA"
7:31 - Get out of bed, The day begins. I go in to his room read a book, get him changed and around...
7:45- We head downstairs for breakfast, let the dog out, feed the dog, feed the cat, blah, blah, blah.
8:00 - My daughter wakes up and joins us for breakfast, already on the table, waiting for her. It is good to be her!
8:30- Clean up from breakfast, get everyone dressed, pack up the mini-van for the days errands and activities.
9:30 - errands
10am - off to a play date
noon- home for lunch
1:00PM - nap time.... Happy Nappy! This is my time to catch up on email, blog, make phone calls with no screaming in the background. I love nap time!
3:00 - snacks and Ellen.. we never miss Ellen!
Seriously, my days are all the same. They all run together. I am so looking forward to tonight.. is it 5:00 yet????
3:00-5:00 - Play dress-up, read, craft, chase my son around the house, throw in a load of laundry, feed the dog.. blah, blah, blah. I am anxiously looking forward to my big night out... is it 5:00 yet???
5:00 - Put on a movie for the kids in my bedroom and jump in the shower. It is FINALLY time to get ready!
5:05 - Mid-shampoo, my daughter doesn't want to watch the movie I put on and is banging on the shower door whining," I want Hannah Montana". Ugh, I grab a towel and figure I can't subject my son to an hour of Hannah Montana while I get ready so we settle on Cailou.
5:15 - What am I going to wear? I am SO used to sporting "mom duds" you know, t-shirt and sweats that when I have to actually get "dressed" to go out, I panic.
5:20 - Nothing fits! Great.. now what?
5:21 - Whew.. I found a somewhat trendy dress. It fits, it works. Now where are my shoes?
5:30- Sit with the kids for a few minutes before my mom arrives to stay with the kids for the night.
5:45 - My mom arrives.. Woo-hoo! I hop in my mini-van and crank up the music. I am kid free and don't have to listen to Hannah Montana or Camp Rock. I get to listen to the radio. Oh, beloved radio! It always used to make me laugh pre-kids when I would see a mom jammin' out in her mini-van. Now I am totally that mom.
6:00 - Arrive at the home of Philly's own Classy Mommy, the host of the evenings shin-dig.
I am so excited to meet Beth from Role Mommy. She planned the party and came all the way from NY for our awesome Mom's Night In, and what an awesome night it was.

My favorite make up artist, Jess, from Calista Grand was there offering make up advice and touch ups. Pre- kids, I didn't go out to get the mail if my make up wasn't perfect. Now, I am lucky to get time to put on lip gloss. Jess, gave me lots of great 5 minute tips & tricks. I have been using his tips since the party. Calista Grand was also providing manicures.... Oh, how I love a good mani!

The girls from Slendertone gave us a demonstration of the Slendertone products. They are AWESOME! Fitness expert, Beverley Caen, the founder of Sane Fitness, did the demonstration with the Slendertone Ab system. She showed us how the produts use Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to create strong, deep, comfortable contractions in your muscles. It mimics the body's natural muscle movements; signals are sent between the pads, engaging the nerves that control your muscles and causing them to contract naturally. EMS technology has been used for over 40 years in hospitals, clinics and physical therapy practices around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles.

After the demonstration we had a chance to try all of the products. There was one for your arms, abs and tushie. There was also one to rejuvenate your muscles called REVIVE . That is the one I tried. Within the first few minutes, I fell in love! After a long day of kids, dogs and cleaning, it was so nice to just sit there and have my muscles relaxed and all the the tension of the day soothed away.

There was also a product to help tone your abs, Slendertone- System Abs, After 2 C-sections... I need that! Really, I do. My mid-section.. not so pretty! I lose weight, gain weight, any help I can get toning.. sign me up!
The really cool thing about the Slendertone products is that they are so easy to use and you can use them as you go about your day to day activities. As I am sitting here typing this post I have the ab belt on. Used for just 30 minutes a day, at least 5 times a week, the System-Abs belt can deliver fantastic results in just weeks. If you read this blog regularly you know I have committed to being healthier in 09' by seeing my chiropractor, Dr. Gottlieb, eating healthier and have recently signed up for Weight Watchers. I start next week. I don't know if I am "brave" enough to share my WW progress with you or not, but hey.. maybe now that I have the Slendertone products and I have cut out the junk food I will have the confidence to. Stay tuned!