Life if good

Hard to believe getting laid off has been such a positive experience. Wondering how I ever managed a career and taking care of my family?!?! I've been busy working on my research project for school - forensic psychology - which I've found to be facinating! AND, I've managed to maintain an "A" in the class without sleeping with anyone! Not that I would of course....but I am highly competitive when it comes to my grades.

My therapist - yes, I have a therapist now too - has encouraged me to make time for me and I'm doing just that. I just completed my first course in cake decorating and I loved it! I think I was the favorite in the class, or at least in my mind I was the favorite. The ladies in the class were quite surprised to learn I'd never made a cake before. I've enrolled for course two which starts in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to master the art of fondant before the girls birthday in June! Yes.I'm.Going.To.Make.Their.Cake! The big question is WHAT I'll be making.....
"The grand finale"! Final decorated cake for course one! Not purr-fect, but much improved!

"My second decorated cake". Improvement....

"My first iced cake"! More crumb than icing.... we all gotta start somewhere.

The chicks started their first swim class on Tuesday and although little Miss Katie was a little nervous, she did finally stop crying. Thank G-d! I did NOT want to have to scare anyone with my out of shape bod! Oy. They were so cute in the big pool though. I had my concerns regardin the insturctor. I understand about not discriminating, but she's 100! It took her about 10 minutes to get in the water (the class is 30 minutes!) and get positioned to demonstrate laying on the belly when she fianlly got up class was over! I thought we were going to have to give her oxygen. I mentioned to Mr. Man that I believe she may be recovering from a stroke. Maybe the kids are rehabilitating her! I'll keep you posted. Chicks have class on Tuesday and Thursday. Abbey and Katie thought if was so funny that Miss Jane wore her clothes and shoes into the water. I explained that she was wearing a "wet-suit" and "water-shoes".....probably a good thing. :)
Abbey kept getting in trouble for floating off and doing her own thing... No surprise there!
One of the other mom's had to tell me to take the "sticky" covers off the lenses! Abbey kept complaining of not being able to see.....I thought it was because her eyes were closed. ha ha.

I'm actively still pursuing career opportunities. Although there is nothing out there -(trust me - there isn't!) I'm kicking around the idea of professionally cooking for families. I've discovered there's quite a market here in DC for such a service and there is a real need. Besides, I'm good! Tell me what's your pleasure. Beef Wellington? Salmon Cakes? Orange Chicken? Salmon Wellington with spinach?? Cesar Salad? I can do it all.... I'm thinking the food network!
We've booked our trip to Florida and are counting down the days. We're staing at the Contemporary two nights and are taking the chicks to the Magic Kingdom while there. We've got a whirlwind trip planned starting in north east Florida and working our way down the coast ending up in south Florida for a splashy wedding. I know I will be leaving Florida with a heavy heart after seeing my sisters.....boy do I miss them.

My 30th class reunion is coming up this summer - and this fall. I went to two high schools and am going to both. I don't know where the years went! Anyway, planning a couple trips for that. Might want to get my butt back in the gym. I do have a reputation to uphold. I'm working on legs as skinny as the ones below....oh g-d do I have my work cut-out for me!