I want 2 brothers and LOTS of sisters.

This is Tanner's answer every time we ask him if we should have another baby (not that we're actually asking our 4-yr old advice on the matter, we're just curious what he thinks). He never strays from his answer..."I want 2 brothers and lots of sisters." Kate's response has always been a very firm, "No, no more babies, just baby Kate." Until, she saw a newborn recently, now she wants one more baby. = )

They both crack me up lately. The other day I was watching tv under a blanket and Kate walked up and asked, "Is this a new blanket Mom? Did you get it at Target?" I told her we got it at Costco, and she said, "Oh" with a nod of the head, deep in thought, and repeated, "costco". She just seems way to tiny to say and process these things.

I'm really trying to think hard right now of nice things to say about my number 1 child, but it's hard at the moment. I can think of a few not nice things though. = (

I'm getting excited for summer. I know most people dread summer here, but I've really grown to love it. It's different. It's a blast of heat every time you go outside and a blast of cold every time you come inside, it's swimming in the pool everyday, BBQing at night and the kids eating dinner in their swimsuits, it's rarely bathing my kids (as if I do it very often now) because they swim everyday anyway, it's going to the beach and getting new photos of the kids one year older, it's when my little ones' bums are extremely white compared to their very brown bodies, it means longer days so Shad leaves and comes home when it's still light outside...I'm excited for summer.

We've started a budget.... for like the zillionth time. This is something Shad and I were really good at when we were first married. We were so focused on buying our first home, saving every single penny and more. Well, after 3-4 years, the budget stopped and restarted every 6 months or so and then the last couple of years, it's been non-existant. Moving on from my confession...I'm very excited to be doing a budget again. Who isn't worried about money these days?

Here's my very cute husband reading to the kiddos.