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My sister Danielle blogged about these delicious cookies 2 days ago. So yesterday I felt out of sisterly duty I better make them too. I'd made them before and loved them, but rarely indulge because:

  • They are a Martha recipe. Martha recipes=time consuming

  • They are a Martha recipe. Martha recipes=delectable, perfect, blissful eating. I eat way to many of them (because they're the size of 2 cookies in 1. So you feel as though you are only eating 1, when in reality you're eating two cookies with a sugary peanut butter filling inside)
  • Major stomach-ache when finished eating
But just in case you want to indulge also, here's the recipe:


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Tanner and Kate really have been best buds lately. It has been wonderful. Kate has been really sick and yesterday I had to get stuff done, but she wanted to lay on my lap. Tanner offered to let her lay on his lap and she happily did. He made her laugh, played with her hair and smiled down at her. Usually the first word out of her mouth in the morning when I get her out of bed is "Nanner". Of course it's a very bi-polar relationship, it has it's extreme highs and lows, but overall, they are so happy together.