Apparently, I'm a mean Mom

So I've officially entered the "mean Mom" club. I assume there's one out there right? Where I can join and get support from all of those other horribly mean Moms who put their kids before themselves, love them to pieces, stay up all night with them because they have growing pains, toothaches, tummy aches, sore throats, etc., play with them, take them to Disneyland, cook with them, etc. What horrible Mothers.

According to Tanner, I am so mean. I hear it probably 30 times a day now. So far today I've heard:
  • "Why are you being so mean Mom?" Tanner asks, while glaring at me, "You are making Kate cry."
  • "You are mean. You are making us sad"
  • "You are NOT being nice."
  • "You are so mean. Quit yelling at us."
I honestly don't even know what I did that was so mean. I know that I definitely DID NOT yell at them. I think the mean things I did entailed, not letting him have a candy bar, making him take a nap and not letting him have chocolate soymilk.

Here's a picture of my poor, abused children from yesterday. Don't they look sad?