• This morning on the way to preschool I asked Tanner why he thought it was raining today. He said, "It's the rains turn now. It's always the sun's turn, so now it's the rains turn."
  • He does art all day long. Realistically, he probably does art at least 4 hours a day. Markers are by far his favorite medium. Black markers to be specific. He usually will work on a picture for an hour, then cut it out, roll it up and tape it. The whole masterpiece taking about 1 1/2 hours. If you by chance "misplace" the masterpiece (throw it away), he will notice. It could be 5 days later, and he could have several of his other similar art projects all around him, but he will know that you threw away that one thing.
  • I'm pretty sure that he pops Kate on a daily basis, but very sneakily when he knows I'm not looking. Kate will start bawling, I'll come in and ask what happened. Tanner will be sitting there with a very calm smile on his face. Through tears Kate will say, "Tanner. Hit. Me. " Tanner denies it every single time.
  • Every night he sleeps with Buzz, Woody, his Doggie, Mater, a sippie of soymilk and a sippie of water.