Mr T

Shad thinks I don't take enough pictures of Tanner. Well, here you go. This is what I get 99.99% of the time I take pictures of him. The only thing missing in here is the horrible mean yell at me to quit taking pictures. "STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME. TAKE THEM OF KATE!!!!" So the few pictures of him that you do see on my blog are the .01% of the pictures I sneak in or once in a while there may a be a small bribery involved. = )

tanner collage

Here is a photo I snuck of him, while lying through my teeth. "Wow Tanner, that's a really cool pencil. I'm going to take some pictures of it."

This is the new way Tanner likes to enter and exit the house. It drops off directly into the sandbox. Yeah. So you can imagine the sand that piles up on that couch.

I found Kate and Tanner's room set up up like this the other day. They were playing school with their stuffed animals. Then, this morning, Tanner was filling a paper full of random letters and he informed me that he was busy doing his homework. = )