HUGE news in this home

No I'm not pregnant.

Tanner went poop on the potty! Words cannot describe the feelings I have about this. I'm still partially in shock. We've almost had to borrow against our 401k to fulfull all of the promises we made to him, but it has been well worth it. = )

One of the big promises we made to him was that we would go to Disneyland where he could pick out whatever toy he wanted and eat one of those gigantic lollipops. So two days ago at about noon, he says, "I think I want to try to go poop on the potty." So he had me stand outside of the door (he is very private with his bathroom time) and he did it! As soon as he did, he yelled, "Yay, we get to go to Disneyland!" So we packed up and left for Disneyland. (We have season passes and it's less than 2 hours away, so it isn't as outrageous as it sounds.) It was the first time I'd braved Disneyland alone with the kids. It worked though and was actually really fun. The kids did great and Tanner was in heaven. He kept telling me thank you and how much he loved me all day long.

So far it's been 2 days and he's been great with the whole potty-training thing. So overall it only took him until he was 4 years and 1 month old to do it and 1 month of me changing poopy underwear everyday. Not too bad, right?

Yeah. Now you can see why this is HUGE news in our home.