Ecomonic Situation Strikes Home

With the economy in free fall, our friends from Mom Central asked nearly 1500 moms how the current situation directly affects their daily decisions. *Not surprisingly, 99% of them said they have been forced to make significant changes to find new ways of saving money.

* 78% now clip coupons
* 76% eat out less often
* 73% take fewer car trips and 60% take shorter car trips
* 56% of Moms buy cheaper food, while 41% buy less food
* In general and 31% grow their own food
* 52% "shop around", spending time at several stores to find and buy the lowest- priced goods

More Moms now buy second-hand, rely on others for food, use food stamps and start second jobs than before. With foreclosures and gas prices on the rise and stocks, home prices, and retirement plans decreasing, Moms definitely feel the squeeze.

So Chester County Moms....what are you doing to cope with the current financial crisis? Leave a comment or if you are not sure how to post a and we will post your comment for you.

*Stats courtesy of Mom Central research