my little kids

I was talking with one of my friends last night, Rachelle, and we were trying to remember the first year or so of our kids' lives. I can never remember much from the first 6 months....sort of a blur (lack of sleep I suppose). Anyhow, then I realized I can really only remember the last year or so of Kate and Tanner's life. It made me so sad.

I can honestly say, I don't want my kids to grow up. Sure, I have horrible days where I yearn for the day I can sleep in until 7am uninterrupted, or go run an errand without 2 car seats, while fighting with two toddlers to stay in the cart and then chasing Kate around because she sneaks out ALL the time and runs away from me. Sure, each day I have to breath deeply when both children are asking or telling (or let's be honest...yelling) at me to do 5 different things at once and I think I will go CRAZY, but at the end of the day, I still want them to stay little. I love how they are soooo cuddly and always want to be held, rocked, sung to, danced with and loved. I love hearing their tiny voices talk to each other, making deals, trading toys or laughing. I love their chubby cheeks and their laughs when you tickle them. I even love in the middle of the night when I hear my name, Mommy, being called.

Thinking about all this made me so thankful for blogging and especially for my friend Lillie who started mine for me (kind of coerced me into it ) = ). It is so nice to document history, organize photos, journal and keep in touch with family/friends all at once. I love how we can just print it up through BLURB and be able to look at our tiny kids forever. Because as much as I wish it wouldn't happen, Tanner and Kate will grow up.