So today is the big day! After I finish this post I am off to the polls, 2 kids in tow. My husband went at 7am this morning and waited in line for 2 hours. He had his coffee and Blackberry so he was okay. I have a backpack full of snacks and our portable DVD player. I am counting on Dora & Diego to get me through waiting in line. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long. Maybe I should bring 2 DVD's just in case.

According to our Chester County Moms poll Obama and McCain are only 3 votes apart.
Have you voted in our poll? Or more importantly have you voted yet today.. in the real election?
If you would like to check your voter status or find out where your local polling center is click HERE to be directed to the Pennsylvania Voter Services Website

Additional Information can be viewed at the Chester County Voter Services website.

We would love to hear your report from the polls. How long did you wait? Did you see anything "out of the ordinary" going on? Leave a comment or email me at