USA Love Train....

C'mon, jump on board! I just can't stop thinking it could just work. I'm.An.Obama.Fan. Let me climb up on my soapbox... hold on... almost there... hold on..... ok...whew... for those who are... ummmm... not clear on this. I couldn't be prouder. I want him to be our next President! Did you hear that? And I tell you it warms my heart receiving condescending love letters(that's what they are...right?) from posters telling me in their subtle passive aggressive snide way how I'm the one who is whacked. One commenter so emphatically stressed how stable McCain was, Are you high? Read something so silly to suggest that Cindy McCain was not shallow. Good golly, she gives new meaning to the word shallow! And even stated that the democrats started the "mud slinging". Quite the contrary people. Keep the old angry man away from the button. Please take your blinders off and stop watching FoxNews! It's about as reliable as the National Enquirer.

Let's take a minute and re-cap. Has there been any reported racism incited from the Obama camp? Nope, don't believe so. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Trust me, I'm not..... Or... what...about innuendo's of terrorism?....... Again, no...although John McCain's mouth piece has now linked the republican presidential hopeful to a "man of question... Another upstanding University Professor. Good job Sarah. Keep throwing them our way... Not to mention their repeated cries of socialism. Has their been any reports of Obama supporter's shooting children? Oh, you didn't know about that...yep, one of McCain's deranged loyal supporters....shot a kid for stealing his McCain sign.. Say it with me. Shot. A. Kid. IN-SANE. What about the assassination plot? FREAKS. Wondering out loud "why John McCain has not made a public statement? Could it be that he endorses it?

John McCain and Bible Spice can not be my president! His campaign has been based on so many lies and so much hate it disgusts me! I for one don't agree with his policy's. ANY OF THEM. Besides the fact he's a liar, something his wife confirmed on national televison stating "our marriage started on a tissue of lies:.....Her words... True, I'm pro-choice. I didn't say "pro-abortion". There is a difference. However, I certainly don't want the government anywhere near my uterus! We fought to long and hard for our rights to have some jack-ass take them away. John McCain does not believe in equal pay for women. Tax breaks for big corporations?!? Yeah, I get why they need a tax break. Didn't Exxon just report a RECORD 14.9 billion profit?? They definitely need a tax break. Those poor bastards. What about the middle class, John? And his foreign policy plan is soooo solid. He said himself we'd stay 100 years if that's what it took.... At what cost? John McCain's health plan would tax benefits for the first time ever. But, wait..... what about the 46 million uninsured people? So, in reality he has no plan...... Unlike some of you, I'm not willing to settle for an administration who live in a make-believe world with a rat is in charge sipping kool-aid. The economy is a mess. What's your plan John?! Huh??

Now, think about this with me. Logically. Do you really think so many intelligent, educated people would be supporting him if he were some scary evil person? McCain's supporters are distancing themselves from him as if he had the bubonic plague! Questioning now how he managed to choose a running mate within 3 seconds 15 minutes of meeting. I know there's a g-d and believe with my heart American people will make the right choice. Yes. I'm. Hopeful. But, I also can't help but think back to the election eight years ago when it was stolen. So, yes I'm a bit anxiety ridden. Again. I watch the polls and they're in his favor. I have to believe he will win. I want to believe. Folks, if there was any question, WE live and breath "Rockobama" here! He just has to win........ Go Obama 08!!!!

FYI: I welcome intelligent comments with an email that can be traced. If not, I will reject your comment. This, in the event you didn’t read my side bar is my blog and it’s not always about the girls. It’s about our life, and this is our life. Today, it is about me. Only two more days to go.....

Thank you for your support.

The management.