Father please forgive me for I have has been....... ummmm... AWHILE... for those of you craving pics of the chicks. It wasn't like they were neglected. They were a part of the party too and they know their momma wants to dance with Mr. President. Ok... so I'm a dreamer.

The chicks were into Halloween this year in a big way. I was surprised. Really surprised! Katie was so afraid last year that she cried. She was afraid of the scary costumes and the eerie noises. But, this year the kid was unstoppable. She's still afraid of anything spooky. They took turns racing from one house to the next ringing the door bell and screaming "trick or treat"! Funny thing though, Katie thought this was an invitation to come in and would push her way in so that she was standing in the foyer! Their handmade Halloween boxes were overflowing with candy when they returned home. But, sweet thing had brainwashed them before leaving instructing them to bring all the sweet stuff back to daddy! Which they did... They didn't eat one piece! We'll never get that lucky next year.

Mai and Wes went with us too. I think Wes was ready to get on their merry as Mai was looking pretty hot. Her outfit was adorable. I can't wait until next year.