Warranty Manual?

We interrupt the current program insert: my political rantings to share a conversation sweet thing and I had the other night as we were getting the chicks ready for bed.

Sweet thing: "I've been looking for this".

Me: "Hmm, what"?.... not really listening..focusing on getting girls ready for bed...

Sweet thing: "This, they gave it to us in China".

Me: "What are you talking about"?

Sweet thing: "The owner's manual"!

Me: Glancing up suspiciously.... "Wh... when did they give us that"? thinking it woud have come in handy.....

Sweet thing: "Right after they handed us the girls and took off in the get-away car (true, they didn't hang around long--especially once the screaming started!)

Still laughing... we just need someone to translate it. Of course it's not really an owner's manual. However it would have come in handy those first 18 months... At any rate what a treasure to give to the girls someday. A gorgeous signed book from the orphanage. I wish they'd thought to give us two books.