things the kids do and say

I've been meaning to jot down a bunch of this for months, so I'm sure I've forgotten all the good stuff. However I will try.
  • Tanner: "I want something." Me: "What do you want?" Tanner: "I don't know. You ask?" Then I'll have to name like a 1000 different things until his eyes light up and he says, "Yea, that's what I want." It was okay the 1st thru 5th time he did this. Now that we're on the 100+ time he's done this, I'm thoroughly annoyed. Half the time, it doesn't matter what I list, HE DOESN'T WANT ANY OF IT. If I don't list the million possibilities that he may want, then the persistent little boy WON'T LET UP FOR HOURS. Now that Kate copies everything Tanner does, I hear her say yesterday, "I want something" over and over and over.
  • Out of the blue almost daily, Tanner will say with all sincerity, "I love you so much." He always seems to say it when I am frustrated or upset. It melts me each time and brings me back to what's most important.
  • Tanner starts many of his sentences each day with the following, "I hab a pretty good idea. How 'bout we________________________." For example,right before bedtime he'll say "I hab a pretty good idea. How 'bout we watch a little more Mickey Mouse, make cookies, play outside, go on a walk, and then go to bed. You think that's a pretty good idea?" It's incredibly cute and makes me smile every time.
  • Kate says everything. It's crazy how much she's talking. The other day she saw some medicine on the counter that she'd had before and said, "I sick" in a really whiny voice. Then she said, "Medicine."
  • Kate's favorite things to say are "doggie" "binkie" and "Tander" (Tanner). Those are probably her 3 favorite things.
  • Kate talks with the whiniest voice. It's not annoying though, it's the cutest whiny voice I've ever heard.
  • Whenever Kate gets out of the bath/shower, the first thing she says is "baby". What she wants is for me to wrap her up tight in a towel and hold her like a baby. She gets really quiet and holds super still for me to hold her. I LOVE IT.
  • Their cheeks are chubbier then ever. I will be devestated when their fat cheeks slim down.
  • When ever Kate passes gas, she smile and says, "I toot".
  • Kate has to sleep with a crib tent now because she is constantly escaping from her crib. Today I put her down for a nap in her crib and 30 minutes later I heard noises. I went in her room to find her quietly playing on the floor. Last week we put the kids down for bed and 30 minutes later, out runs Kate. She's a little monkey.
  • Tanner will only run one errand a day. He says he gets "too tired" to run more than one errand. It drives me nuts. Of course we have to run more than "one errand" when we're out and about, so I hear never-ending complaining about how tired he is.
I swear they get cuter and cuter every single day. They do drive me crazy at times (okay, a lot of times), but I still can't seem to get enough of them. Each day they do things that amaze me. In the things that really matter, they are perfect little people....forgiving, non-judgemental, giving, loving, trusting and 100% honest. I love my two little ones.