Tanner's Preschool

One of my good friends Rachelle, is doing a small preschool in her home 3 mornings a week. Shad and I (okay, really just me) don't really feel it's necessary to put Tanner in preschool right now, but we figured it'd be good for him socially since he's 3 1/2 and just barely started going to nursery on his own. We felt like if there was any chance at all of getting him to do something like this, it would help that he knew the teacher, the home, and most of the kids. Before he went the first time, I thought there was a 50% chance that there was no way he'd go on his own and he'd probably cry the whole time. But, he LOVES it. He begs to go, tells me that we need to hurry up in the morning, so he won't be late. I ask him every morning, "Tanner, do you want to go to preschool today, or would you rather stay home with Mommy?" He says in return, "I need to go to preschool Mom. I need to see all of my friends." It has been really good for him. I feel like it's already made him so much braver and confindent when he's away from Shad and I. Kate on the other hand, doesn't like that Tanner goes to preschool. When he's away, she constantly says, "Tander" in a sad voice.

Anyhow, today in preschool, Rachelle had a police officer come and visit. Of course Tanner loved it.