Marion's Visit, Part II

Sleeping in, the zoo, naps, bubbles, walks, cake....that's been our Saturday. This has been one of the first Saturdays Shad has spent at home with us since he jumped firms and it was so fun to have him home all day! Marion was soooo nice and let Shad and I sleep in, then we all drove over to the zoo to look at the animals. I forgot the memory card for my camera, so I didn't get any pics there. Bummer. But the rest are below. A few notes about the pictures...

-after Tanner had watched a couple of shows on Food TV, he found a pictures of a cake and asked to make it.
-The last picture of the beach pictures, was a project I did today in the kids room. It's almost done, we're just waiting to get their bed and then I'll take pictures of the whole room.