"We don't have much time, she said, so I'll just tell you about me"

People have been asking how I got started blogging. I started after my son was born as an easy way to keep in touch with friends and relatives spread throughout the US.
My blog went from daily family updates to the occasional rant to the utterly embarrassing. It became my outlet. My "cheap therapy". Below is a post from my personal blog.
I was having a bad day.. well actually a bad week. Nothing was going my way and I was in the middle of a major "Mommy rut". I sat down at my keyboard while my kids were napping and started to type everything that made me..me. I printed this post and have it hanging above my desk. Whenever I am having a blah day I look at and it makes me feel better. I remember who I was/am and it gives me a chance to laugh at my silliness.

Take a look.. then write your own. Email it to me if you would like to share.

I will talk to anyone. I hate sitting in traffic. I will drive miles out of my way to avoid traffic jams. I NEED six hours of sleep at night, but would prefer ten. I like to ride my bike. I love containers and putting things in them. I am not a good painter. I like to make things. I carry my camera with me everyday. I love celebrity gossip. I look forward to delivery of US and Cookie Magazine. Story People make me happy, you would know that if you ever came to my house. The prints are everywhere. I love that Kravitz, knows I am the smartest person alive. I believe in karma. I have a great memory. I don't like the heat. I don't come out of the house if it is over 80 degrees. I love Hershey's chocolate. I am good with names. Please and Thank You go a long way. I love staying at home with my children. I love 90's indie rock. I watch Ellen everyday. I like to wear earrings & bracelets. Heinz Ketchup makes just about anything taste better. I don’t like spicy food or pickles. I like my name. I enjoy rainy days. My daughter is named after my Grandmother. I want to do a cross country trip in an RV. I remember phone numbers. Shoes are a weakness of mine. Oh, how I love a good shoe! I never went to college. I am a picky eater. I am generous. I can be high-maintenance. Target feels like home. Makes me happy just to be there. Everything I save at Wal-mart gets spent at Target! Moochers make me INSANE!!! I have never mowed a lawn. I HATE tax time! I have seen DMB in concert 9 times. I am full of useless knowledge. I can be obsessive, I am definitely impulsive – but I am not compulsive. I am a TV junkie. My dogs drive me nuts sometimes. Things I want to learn: patience, to cook, and to use power tools. ABC's & 123's are my favorite comfort food. I love that mydaughter has a sense of humor. I like to go out with friends. I love surprising people.I love to laugh. I strongly prefer to wear matching bra and undies. You know, in case I’m ever in an accident. I was a rebellious teen. Red is my favorite color. I hate voice mail. I never check it. I love to shop. I’m a rule bender. I kick-ass at trivia. I love my son’s laugh. I love the smell just after it rains. Knowing my daughter is kind makes me feel like a good mom. I like to be on the go. I don't like waiting in long lines. I want to swim with dolphins. I love catalogs. I hate putting laundry away. I don't "get" British humor. I love a good facial. Someone cleans my house every week and for that I am so, so grateful. I rarely cook. Thank God for take out, toaster ovens & mac & cheese! Yes, my son was named after the Beatles song. My favorite car was my Mercedes SLK. I miss it everyday but, you can't fit car seats in a 2 seater! Denver is my favorite city. I like children. I almost always wear something black. I like to be comfortable. The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done: Hot Air balloon ride through the Rockies. I HATE camping and would rather set my hair on fire than subject myself to sleeping outside. I love my daughters smile. I’ve never broken a bone. Sprained a few. Spelling errors irritate me. Use spell check! I love accents! Anything said by someone with an accent is worth listening to. I use the "F" word too much. California is my favorite state. I am protective of "my people". I can handle the truth. I like myself!