The Beach

Today we headed down to the beach and although it was trek getting there, it was so worth it to see Tanner loving the ocean and sand. It was Kate's naptime, so she didn't care for it much, and she refused to take her binkie out the whole time (she must've been scared of the water/waves). There are way more pictures of Tanner than Kate, simply because she was on my lap or on my hip the whole time I was snapping away. Bummer. Mila, Lillie's little one, also wasn't too happy with the whole beach scene. Tomorrow we'll go again, and hopefully the babies will be happier.

We have been having a blast this week. The kids are so happy and Tanner keeps telling me that he wants to stay at the hotel for a "really long time". I think if Shad were with us he would never want to go home. It was perfect timing to come here when Shad has been working such long hours.

So I'm sure all of you have seen the market being slaughtered and the news headlines such as, "Worst market since Great Depression". I've gotten so many calls about how Shad is doing and taking it all in and to be honest he sounds happy every time I talk to him. Granted I only talk to him about 10-15 minutes a night and he only wants to hear about the kids, but overall, I feel like he just sees the silver lining in every situation. I'm not sure what that silver lining is at the moment, but he seems good.