Horn Plumbing to the rescue!!!

The past few weeks of my life have been issue after issue after issue. Today I get both kids down for a nap and go into my bathroom to take a shower. I turn on the water. It is cold. 5 minutes later still cold. Hmmm... I let the water run for awhile and it wasn't getting hot, not even getting warm. Ugh! Great just what I needed. A broken hot water heater. I called my husband and asked him if he took a cold shower when he got ready for work earlier this morning. He said he did. I asked why he didn't tell me and he said he just thought he took a super fast shower and finished before the water had a chance to warm. Headshake, eyeroll, sigh.

I called Jenn to vent and laugh over my streak of bad luck and she told me to call Horn Plumbing. She said they are reliable and she refers them to everyone. Works for me. I hung up with her and called right away. Betty answered and asked me if my hot water heater was gas or electric. I told her.. it was white, I knew that. She laughed and walked me step by step of finding the information she needed to get my appointment scheduled. I called at 3PM so she wasn't sure if she would be able to get someone out to me right away. I was bummed but figured someone would be out first thing in the morning. 15 minutes later the phone rang. It was Betty from Horn Plumbing and she was calling to tell me Nick the Plumber was on his way. He arrived just before 4PM. Not even an hour after I called and within a few minutes he had my problem diagnosed. I had a faulty thermostat. Not a big deal or cost to fix. Finally some great news! Thank you Nick the Plumber!

So..if you find yourself standing in the shower with no hot water or need a reliable plumber the Mommy Bloggers at Chester County Moms recommend Horn Plumbing!

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