Going Green - 6 Ways To Save Gas

As a former Automotive Industry Insider. I am always trying to stay current on daily automotive news. The Mommy bloggers at Chester County Moms have added a new segment to our blog... Going Green. In the spirit of merging my dealership background and personal ecological responsibility I invite you to visit Green DrivingUSA.com to better understand what dealers are doing — and what you can do — to reduce greenhouse gases.

1. Avoid quick starts and aggressive driving. A smooth, steady speed saves gasoline and reduces wear and tear on the engine, tires, transmission and brakes.
2. Slow down! Fuel economy decreases about 1% for each mph over 55. Driving 65 mph vs. 75 miles mph, for example, increases fuel economy by about 10%.
3. Use overdrive and cruise control. Overdrive gears slow engine speeds, saving gasoline and reducing wear. By helping to maintain a constant speed, cruise control reduces gasoline consumption. Use both features only when safe and appropriate.
4. Combine trips when possible. Your engine runs more efficiently once it’s warmed up, so avoid making multiple short trips. Stop-and-go driving also burns more gasoline. Avoid driving during rush hour whenever you can.
5. Reduce drag. Remove roof racks, tow-hook carriers, and other items from your vehicle that cause wind resistance.
6. Avoid unnecessary idling. In addition to contributing to engine wear and tear and air pollution, consider that when your vehicle is idling, you are getting 0 miles per gallon of gasoline you use.