Chester County Moms - FLY - Day 2

So, waking up to a nice empty shiny sink really did start my day off on the right track. Usually I let the dishes sit after dinner but Sunday night I took the time to get them out of my sink and into the dishwasher and it started me off in the right direction for today. After dinner tonight. The dishes went right into the dishwasher and now it is 8PM and I am dishes FREE! Love it!

Today was Day 2... Get dressed to lace up shoes when you first get up in the morning. This means fix your hair and face too. I did it!
I had a doctors appointment this morning and I never get ready to go to the doctor. I have been seeing the same doctor for 15 years and this morning for the very first time the nurse told me I looked nice... Hmmm.... Maybe it was because my hair was styled and I had on something other than Mommy sweats. I felt really good!

Are you FLYing? Leave me a comment, let me know how you are doing.