And in a flash...

They say you don't know how good you have it until something terrible happens. I know what that feels like now. Friday morning --- 2:30am Friday morning I woke up to a thumping noise.

It grew louder. At first I didn't know what it was. Then...... I heard an ever so faint whisper... I could barely make it out.. but I soon realized it was sweet thing calling my name. He was not beside me in our marital bed. I slipped out of our bed and followed the noise. I discovered him on his back... in the bathroom.... totally naked. Now, at first thought he was after a little midnight action, especially being that his arms were flailing, and he appeared to want me to join him! However, I grabbed for my glasses and when I did I could see he was covered in sweat. From. Head. To. Toe. I was scarred. Really scared. He was gasping for air. I could see that he was in excruciating pain. He was thrashing and moaning on the floor. I couldn't make out what he was saying or how he ended up on the floor!

He would spend the better part of the evening close to the toilet. He did not want me far either, but I know he needed an ice pack to cool his body down. I flew down the stairs and was back upstairs before he came out of the bathroom.

I left for work at my normal time after begging him to let me take him to the doctor's. He assured me he would be fine. I should have insisted....I drove to work worried sick about him. We had our normal Friday meeting. Blah, blah, mind wondering about sweet thing...nothing else seemed to matter.

As soon as we finished I called home. No one answered. G-d. No. One. EVER. Answers. That. Damn. Phone. EVER. I quickly dialed his cell. He picked up. He was panting heavily again. He said he was on the floor in the bathroom. AGAIN! I anxiously told him I was calling his doctor immediately and I was on my way home. At this point he shared with me what he had endured during the night. I felt faint!

After speaking with his doctor they to were quite alarmed when they heard that he had been bleeding. All night! They urged me to call an ambulance immediately and head straight to the ER. The nurse freaked as she thought he was home alone. I assured her he was not home alone, our housekeeper and Mai were both there. I wondered to myself if Lisa found him in the same state I did......I called home and repeated what the doctor had said. I knew he would freak having an ambulance pull in our driveway with lights flashing and sirens blaring. He's just that way. No drama for my sweet thing.... plus he would not have wanted to scare the little people.

I told him I would be there in a flash. I grabbed my things and flew out the door. I barely remember what I told my boss. I didn't care. My husband needed me. I don't even recall the drive home.

By the time I got home he was having another attack. We would have to wait until it subsided. He had been timing the attacks and we knew we had about 20 minutes in between. He would have been a great Lamaze coach. He gave me the heads up that we needed to go and we quickly ran for the car. He jumped in the back seat and layed down as he couldn't even sit up. This would be one of those rare occasions when he didn't ask me to watch my speed as I flew through our neighborhood.

I pulled up in front of ER and slowed down barely enough for him to tuck and roll out of the car. By the time I had parked and got back in the hospital he had checked in and was anxiously awaiting a room and a toilet. We are lucky to have a boutique hospital within 5 miles of our home. L-U-C-K-Y. Not only did they have a bed for him within minutes, but he also had a room. With a door! AND a TV which I would watch the Lifetime program all afternoon as he dozed on and off all day.

What was even better our family doctor was in the building and the ER Doc was able to communicate with him. After drawing several vials of blood and running some tests and re-hydrating him, they prescribed Cipro and vicaden and sent him home. He will endure more testing next week after he sees the gastronologist. We're still not sure what he had or what caused it. All I know though is my sweet thing has been very sick all weekend.....For him to cancel his big company party(weekend affair ) he was one sick pup.....I hope we get some answers next week.....

Update: I wanted to let all of you know sweet thing has an appointment to see the doctor on Thursday. He is still recovering, but in much better shape than this weekend. He was after all able to resume his "KP" duties..... bwahaha.