New Bloggity Dooooo

Oh man. Look at me. I feel like the ugly duckling who was crowned prom queen!
Most of you know the "oh so talented Danielle" but this is my first time alone with her. She took it slow with me, but I knew from the minute our lips embraced she whispered in my ear that there was chem-is-try. We were going to be ELECTRIC. She did a dynamo job and she was very (VERY) patient with me! Her creativity is astounding. She is an arteeest! See for yourself. Here, or here or here..... sooo many more.....
It's amazing how a new dress and shoes can make me moist between my loins smile from here to China. I just love how she sprinkled a little pixel dust and SHAZAM.
Thank you girl!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, if anyone else is feeling they need a little sizzle, hurry, seriously hurry on over to Danielle's for that much needed make-over. Excuse me? What are you waiting for.....go... NO. RUN. YOU (you know who you are) could definitely use it!! (wink) Don't wait. She is taking names girls. She. Is. In. Hot. Demand. Don't be left out in the cold.

Did I tell you, I love it, love it, love it???? Thank you girl.
****** Special News Bulletin: Danielle has agreed to give away the deluxe makeover for the price of a standard makeover for the next week to anyone who mentions my delicious blog!!!! That's a $15 discount. Beat yourselves up girls. Do something crazy!