Recent Conversations with Tanner

Tanner and I are laying down trying to go to sleep last night...

Tanner: Mom, I love you and Daddy so much.
Me: We love you so much too.


Tanner: I really love Daddy.

I wonder sometimes if I'll ever be as cool as Shad is. = )

Today in the car the kids were going CRAZY in the backseat (it was nap time), throwing stuff, screaming, fighting with each other, etc. and Tanner wanted me to get something for him he'd dropped. I told him I was driving and I'd get it when we got home. He starts crying and says, "You hurt my feelings Mom."

Then a few minutes later he wanted a something I was eating that had dairy in it. It told him it had milk, he asked if it'd make him throw up and I said yes. He told me "No, it not make me throw up. I just want a little bit Mom." I didn't give in and he starts crying again and says, "You hurt my feelings again Mom."

About 2 minutes later I turn on the radio because I can't handle the crying, and he yells at me to turn off the music because he doesn't like the song. I told him no (I was getting a bit sick of being yelled at and bossed around), so he cries again, "Mom you are really hurting my feelings."

Oh brother. I don't know where he came up with that whole, "you're hurting my feelings" bit whenever he doesn't get his way.

On a funny note, Shad taught Tanner this song that goes,

Diarrhea pppffttt, pppffttt,
Diarrhea pppffttt, pppffttt,
Not very funny cuz it's runny ppffttt, pppfftt

I know, I know, Shad is grown up way beyond his years. = ) is Tanner's new favorite song, and I know it's immature, but it me laugh every time he sings it, so I recorded it. Here it is....