Mommies and their girls............

I'm still coming down from our trip to the beach. It was a heroine injection that I soooo craved. Not that I would know, but I gotta believe that's what it would feel like. My breahing increased as I peered at the gorgeous boats and the big body of water as we crossed the bridge. My juices were flowing. Body weaving as we listened to favorite tunes from he 80's. I know I have hinted how badly I missed it, but I miss it. Now more than ever. I've always been a beach girl. I can not deny it. It's in my blood. I love nothing better than the roar of the waves. The cool tropical breeze. The smell of coconut oil and salt water. The boats!! And oh, the view! Those hard toned bodies. Yum-yum. I love the "beachy" lifestyle. Nothing in the world makes me happier than slipping on my flip-flops and heading to the beach with ball cap and sunglasses. It is sheer ecstasy for me. I'm easy I admit. So, Annie and I headed down to Virginia Beach, Virginia with the chicks! It was to be a girls only trip. The first of many. No boys! We had been anticipating this trip for weeks. I had anxiously packed our bags two weeks prior. Ok. So I was a little excited! But, I didn't want to forget anything in our haste to get there.

Surprisingly enough we had no traffic getting out of D.C. I'm sure the recent price of gas had NOTHING to do with it. Thank you Dubya for paving the way. Insert: sarcasim. There was virtually no traffic. As we rolled into Virginia Beach I got all misty eyed. I couldn't wait to experience my greatest love with my daughter's. It was going to be awesome. Annie and I had vowed that this would become an annual tradition for us.

From the moment we pulled into the hotel with our rockin rides loaded with our loot jamming to our favorite tunes we were treated like royalty. No. Shit. The red carpet was rolled out. Yes, I admit, I may have done a little "name" dropping as I tossed the valet my keys and some bills. I had called in a favor from my previous hotel connections prior to arriving. "Brangilna and their clan" never had it so good! And all we had to say was "were in room 1213 and blankity blank said...." and they scrambled. Even at the restaurant down the street. I kept looking to see if our name was on the banner that flew by our hotel morning, noon and night. It was hysterical.

Just taking the chicks out created a stir and lots of comments. But, by far was the one from the local who said "ummm, are they triplettes"? Me, "uh, no, and if they were there would be four"! That was the funniest comment by far! Well, that and are they identical quads! The girls were sooo good considering we didn't eat dinner most evenings until after 7:00pm.

We had an unbelievable ocean front suite with balcony on the 12th floor. We spent each evening listening to the ocean tickle and tease our senses as we sipped on our wine and laughed until the wee, wee hours after the chicks had gone to bed. It. Was. Heaven. I just know it was. Right, Annie?! Of course Cindy was supposed to be here enjoying the fun with us, but due to work obligations had to cancel. Girl, you would have laughed till you pee'd. Or, have been scared to death as we crawled on the beach like wanna be porn stars for our "photo op" lol. We've got it good at home, but it does make a girl (a 40 somethingpushing 50 girl with youngins!) feel good when she still gets hit upon. Right? He was so hot didn't have any teeth! And, and... he said, I quote " there's some sweet meat". He knows.... Oh, baby, I've still got it..... don't you ever forget it. Bwahahahaha.... Thank you Annie for a great time. I can not wait until next year. Cindy, you too.... and anyone else who dares to join us...... nothing is off limits with this group!