Tanner gets up unbelievably early these days. 5:30am to be exact. And no, I am not exaggerating, being sarcastic or joking in any way. As soon as his room is no longer pitch black, he gets up, runs into our room and exlaims, "I did it! I slept all by myself! I want a sucker." Since Shad is the favorite, Tanner wants Shad to get up with him and refuses me. One perk to not being your child's favorite I suppose. I'm Kate's favorite, and she sleeps in until 6:30-7am. Lucky me.

Kate started saying things we could understand a while back, and I just haven't jotted it down yet. So here is her current vocab (that I can remember):

Mom, Mamma, Mommy
Dad, Dadda
thank you
here you go
all done

This morning was the first time Kate colored and didn't eat the crayons. Yay for me and Kate!

That was a video from this morning at 7am. It's kind of a boring video, but the best I could.