Picture Post

Just to update, I got my varicose veins taken care of last Friday, and everything went really well. After 6 weeks, I will take an "after" picture and show you all. I would post a pic now, but there are basically massive bruises up and down my right leg from all of the shots. Not super attractive. I also get to wear a thigh-high support hose on my right leg for 6 weeks. It is the color of a prosthetic limb. It is also very attractive. All joking aside, everything is great with my leg and we are hoping the pain and itching will be gone after the initial 6 weeks.

My youngest sister, Danielle, is coming to visit tomorrow with her husband. We are soooo excited for them to come and visit. We are going to make their visit as dreamlike as possible, in hopes that they will move out here when they graduate. They will probably think we are just being nice, but really I have major ulterior motives. I would LOVE to have family live nearby.

Here are some random pictures of the kids from these last couple of weeks:

Tanner always gets a sucker if he lets me clip his fingernails. Kate has finally caught on and now she demands one too.

I really wanted to take some pictures of Kate in this, but she did NOT want to be wearing that huge tutu. She was so mad at me. I shot three pictures, all of which looked like this, and gave up.

Tanner ed this hat off of shelf and Target and wore it all through the store that day. We ended up buying it and he absolutely loves it. We bought Kate a red one, but she doesn't like wearing hers.

I don't remember what happened here, but if I had to guess, Tanner probably took away a toy.

Tanner gives an all new meaning to "licking the bowl".

He just can't quite get enough, so he has to shove his whole head in the bowl.