Lasik, Word Verification, Blurb

Lasik. I am getting my eyes lasered today @3pm. Yay! I am more than ready. Shad keeps asking me if I'm nervous, and I'm really not. The only thing I worry about is if there happens to be an earthquake in the middle of my surgery while the laser is working on my eyeball. That would totally suck. Very unlikely though.

Word Verification. You know, it's always really annoyed me when I have to do this on other people's blogs when I comment. But now I have added that feature to mine, because I get these crazy, somewhat naughty comments from a girl named, "Cor". I delete them as soon as I see them, but it's still creepy.

Blurb. We got a new computer last week and I was finally able to make a book out of my blog. With our old computer I tried and tried, but I just couldn't get it to work. My pictures wouldn't come up, the system would shut down, it was slower than molasses, etc. We got our new computer and voila, I made the book in a couple of days. I am way excited.