Kate Smiling

My sister Amy wanted to see some pictures of Kate smiling, so here they are! I actually took these the other day and forgot about them. The first pic is of her real smile and the second pic is when she is fake smiling. I love both of her smiles. = )

I am wondering if I will ever get better. I feel like I start to get better and then I'll get a horrible night's sleep with a child waking up all night and I get worse all over again. When Tanner and Kate actually are asleep and I'm tired, I still lie there awake with anxiety that they're going to wake up any minute. Then I get stressed that I can't fall asleep. By the time I actually start to fall asleep....a kid wakes up. It's a great cycle. I had to remind myself at 5 am when I was rocking Kate and she was lying on my chest, that this won't last forever and someday I will miss it.

Tanner said something really cute this morning. It was about 6:45am and the three of us were on the couch watching Tanner's "Giada". I must have looked unhappy, because Tanner leans over to me and says, "It's okay Mom. Heabenly Fader make you feel better. He coming someday. It's a long time away, but He's coming." Then he started rubbing my arm and said, "Does that feel good?" He is so sweet.