Don't do this!

Feeling a littlewith all my free time anxious lately I decided to clean out the junk cabinet which are overflowing with meds. Like I have time on my hands. Some of the meds dated to early 2000! Conversation s.c. and I have while getting ready for dinner.

Me: "hey honey, there's something wrong with the sink".

S.C. "what"?

Me: "it's backing up". immediatly wondering if I could be responsible, but quickly realize not possible.

S.C. as he saunters over and asks "what did you put in it"?

Me: "nothing, but I did dump the expired meds down the garbage disposal". I could feel his eyes buring a hole in the back of my head.

S.C. in his stern authoritive voice "you. never. put. anything. but. food. down. the. disposal".
Me: ignoring him "do we have any draino"?

S.C. "yeah" with a heavy sigh.

An hour later the water was still standing.

Me: "should I get the plunger"?

S.C. Ignoring me.. "what is this orange stuff floating"? As he dumps the rest of the draino down the drain.
Me: "oh, that, umm I dumped the Metamucil down the drain. But I did run the water". Like that would matter...of course it was enough Metamucil to service an entire country for the next 20 years!

S.C. "oh this is gonna cost us".

Well, he wasn't kidding. He quickly googled "dumping Metamucil down the drain" and shared with me what he discovered. Not only do you not pour Metamucil down the drain but if you by chance were stupid enough and did, you never EV-ER pour draino down it(we were cracking up) and NEVER use a plunger! We both just laughed our asses off. Thank g-d we didn't fetch the plunger. The plumber who by the way earns what the neurologists I'm placining out of med school earn AND THEY MAKE A BOAT LOAD was here for one hour (that's right--one hour) and charged us $320.00. The parts were $12.00! What a costly lesson......not laughing now.....ouch!