For those who missed out on the much anticipated holiday card/letter from "insanemommy"here are some of the cast of character's in our real life drama.
Abbey smiling after *gasp* kissing Barney...... ewwww.
The girls are no longer Chucke-Cheese Virgins. From Katie's expression you can see what she thought of the experience. Truly the worst food ever, but they girls had fun.
"Fashion designer"??? No, just tights on her head.

Don't leave Uncle Dex. We love you.

Ahhh, Uncle Rock spoiling the grimlins....
"I said potty Mickey"!

"Miss World Diaper Genie"

"I am smiling mommy""I see it too"......

"Aaaaah, it's beautiful" Our friends uncle made a replica doll house of their home! Gorgeous.
"Here I come"

"can we help"?

"Who's it from Abbey"?

"Cousin Lilly and the girls"

"Too cute for words"

As 2007 closes, the lastbottle glass of champagne is guzzled sipped, cookies devoured and 10+ extra pounds languishing on my body like a well fit wet suit, I feel born again. Alive. Yes, true I am filled with an excitement of what 2008 will bring but if the grand finale (easy does it...hold on I'll get there....) of 2007 is any hint of what's to come, it's going to be a good no great year! This was a magical year for our girls. They drank it up like little drunks begging for more. And to really confuse(have you ever heard a jew explain the meaning of Christmas--something about magic and "the chosen people...help me...) them we celebrated ALL the holidays. Well, except Kwanza and quite frankly the anticipation of lifting yet another glass for one more toast, well I was toast. But, man, oh man where did the year go?! As I muse about what I was doing two years ago I had no idea! "Life is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you're going to get". Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the love that consumes me every single day for the "little people". Damn, it is so good. You'll see. And they're so cute. Really, really cute.

Fh I embarked upon our own holiday traditions this year with verve. For most it's this or this or lastly this. But not us. No, we sat spell bound as Bruce Almighty, Ratatouille, Polar Express and one of my all time favorites Christmas Vacation came to life on the big screen. Right on que I sobbed through all of them. They did have a message. They did. Although not customary for some this would become the birth of our family traditions even if a bit unconventional. We do march to a different beat and mommas not ashamed to express her crazy self. And unlike the
masses some we were lucky to escape the commotion of him. It just hasn't registered with "the little people" yet. I want it to be "magical" always.

Since rolling into D.C. six years ago we have been lucky craved the holiday hoopla with the kin folk. But none of the "crazies" live in the area so on a fluke I enticed my youngest sister who lives 12 states away (not really, only four) to spend Thanksgiving with the craziest of all. Me and my entourages. I was shocked pleasantly surprised when she eagerly squealed "yes"! Big, big fun and lots of laughs. Even if they didn't have a passion for our chosen brew. This would be their first time to our nations capital. Virgins. Fh's sister and her partner surprised us and flew in from "Hotlanta" to meet the little girly girls. They were on their best behaviour and fooled Auntie Jill, and Auntie Kimmie into believing they were purrrr-fect. The little demon's had cast their spell on them. They were intoxicating! Of course "The Nana" (what we do without "The Nana"?) continue to make her bi-monthly visits. There's no stopping her. And to ring in the New Year one of my dearest and longest friends (20+years) and the love of his life were with us again this year. There's something so stupendous and mystical about having those you love close during such a special time of the year. RW and "The Dex" fly in no matter where they are residing. I love those guys so much. They're so easy. Well, RW is really easy, I was ableseduce to press him into investing in a case of my children's future. It wasn't that difficult after inhaling bottle after bottle with each a little better than the last. Lol. But before the festivities could begin I would spend New Years Eve chained to my desk on the phone with two (yes, this is my big news) potential buyers. Big, big deals. In the ninth hour we would come to an agreement on both deals. And I would discover via e-mail from the big bass that there was an added bonus for me! I don't know if it were the fact that I was so tired or just wanted to get home with my loved ones but when the accepted I hung up the phone and sobbed. I called fh and could hear him smiling all the way to California. I arrived home to a gala and very cheerful group. Someone had already started without me.... We feasted on succulent veal marsala, wine and champagne. Yep, I made the dinner too. RW's exact words were "You have talent my dear". Lol..... Maybe that's my sign.....I have been searching for something.

P.S. And in the event I haven't told you lately, I heart you all. When I started this blogging business last March I had no idea the friendships that would blossom from this space. I was in need of an outlet to escape. To vent. To reach out to other's who were just like me. This has become far more than that. Some of you I have had the pleasure of knowing close and personal and some through "cyber" world. At any rate you're all so real to me and I'm glad you're all in my life. I know she has her cast of characters, but I've always though of my life as a real life drama to this sequel. RW and I are Will and Grace. Aren't we baby?! And some days I'm Karen too. OK, so now you know it. I've got a split personality......

Happy New Year to you all may 2008 be your year!